Sex Positions

It’s very amusing that so many people either don’t know about alternative sex positions while other people think that they should try every position for fucking that has ever been invented. For people who don’t know about other sex positions trying new ones is always a good idea because, who knows, there might be a position that works wonderfully for them and their partners, and that can open doors that they may have otherwise not have opened. For people on the other side of the coin, while trying new ways in order to insert cock into pussy is always a good idea that doesn’t mean that every time someone screws it has to be with a brand new position. Trying something new is a good idea but focusing on the novelty of trying new positions instead of concentrating on having a nice and satisfying sensual roll-in-the-hay with someone that they care about is much better in the long run.

It’s important, too, to remember that certain positions work better for people of a certain age and certain body types: people who are heavier, for instance, may find certain positions to be better for them than others and, similarly, people who simply cannot move as well as they could a few years ago will also find other positions better for them. So people interested in exploring new positions should remember that some ways of having sex are simply not going to work for them. The rule for humping in any position is the same as it is for having sex, period: if you are not having a good time, if anything is hurting, if there is any discomfort whatsoever, then change that’s happening and try again. Being a porn star in real life is not real-istic! Sex should not be uncomfortable or painful. Unless, of course that’s what it is about the position that you are into!

So if you are trying something new try to do things that will make you are your partner happy, sexually, and don’t try a bunch of new positions just because you think you should but because you actually want to expand your sexual horizons and possibly discover something to add to your bedroom playbook. There are also all kinds of reference sources out there if one wishes to add some things to sexual play, so a couple will do well to spend some time and research and then try what they see and read out. But one should never become a slave to the new for new sake.

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