How To Spot Sexual Napalm

Ever wondered what it takes to be labelled as “sexual napalm” like Ms. Jessica Simpson? All jokes aside, when it comes to pre-determining a woman’s skill in the sack, it can be a lot easier than you think. But since not everyone is pre-equipped with free porn star abilities, it takes a very good eye to measure out whether or not a woman is good in bed. Read on for a list of subtle nuances that will speak for themselves.

1. She’s Fit

Chances are, if the object of your desire is atheltic, she’ll be good in the sack. Not only will she look great, but she’ll be able to outperform the average girl. All that muscular and cardiovascular strength will be sure to come in handy.

2. She Moves Like You

Despite sex being mostly non-verbal, there is definately plenty of moaning and grunting involved. But bodily noises aside, some of the most important methods of communication during sex are still non-verbal. If you’re on the same level – pyshically speaking – you’ll be bound to mesh in more ways than one.

3. She Can Focus

According to studies, women who can focus on the act of having sex have a much higher change of reaching an orgasm – and a good one at that. With that in mind, chosing a partner who is not pre-occupied with other thoughts, or who doesn’t suffer from ADD, will be your best bet at ensuring some of the best sex you’ll ever have.

4. She’s Almost In Her 30’s

Don’t be too quick in thinking that younger women are better in bed. In fact, women closer to their 30’s tend to have enough experience to know exactly what they want and when. It is also beleived that they are at the peak of their sexual drives, so take that for all its worth and find thee a quasi cougar.

5. Watch The Way She Walks

Beleive it or not, but researchers in West Scotland were actually able to determine women’s abilities to orgasm by simply looking at the way they walk. According to their findings, women who take longer steps while rotation their hips – think of Jessica Rabbit – have higher changes of reaching an orgasm than their dragging counterparts.

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