Guess Her Muff

In this age of ‘vajazzling’ and ‘vajacials’, knowing what to expect in regards to women’s nether regions can be quite unpredictable. Although much of what we see in free porn are bald eagles, a woman’s pussy can go anywhere from a ‘brazilian’ to a ‘landing strip’ and everything in between.

With that in mind, some brilliant minds have decided to start ‘Guess Her Muff’, a blog dedicated towards – you guessed it – guessing what type of pelvic haircut some ladies are sporting. After looking at a picture of a girl fully-dressed (or just wearing a bikini), you can then ‘guess the muff’ and proceed to check your prediction by clicking on the ‘answer’ link. And while the pictures are quite revealing, it will certainly eliminate any second-guessing.

Although the concept is not exactly mind-blowing, the game of muff prediction can actually be quite insightful. For example, you can chose to base your decision off of a variety of different aspects: their outfits, haircuts or even their pose. And believe me, the more you play, the more you’ll learn.

For those who would rather use ‘Guess Her Muff’ as a free porn outlet, you can certainly do that, too. If fact, you don’t even have to play the game. For those witch a penchant for a specific type of snake charmer, you can always take a shortcut and go straight into the ‘Muffs Documented’ section, where you’ll find anything from ‘Pierced’ to ‘Natural’.

Additionally, ‘Guess Her Muff’ also comes with it’s own ‘Hall of Fame’ section, where users can vote for their favorite vadge based on a five-star rating system. Not bad for such a simple concept. A quick look at their ‘What Is Your Favorite Style Poll’ indicates that ‘Shaved Bald’ is in the lead with 33% of the votes. ‘Natural’ comes in second place with 24%. The least popular style is clearly ‘The Patch’ with a mere 4%. So ladies, avoid it at all costs. In conclusion, ‘Guess Your Muff’ is great way to ward off boredom. And at the very least, you can always use it as a drinking game.

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