Mr. Clean

Sex toys can be rather expensive, so taking proper care of them to prolong their life is a wise idea. Although you don’t see it in porn, it’s important to properly clean and maintain toys in order to prevent the spread of germs, infection and disease, even when the toy is only used by one person. For example, a woman who uses her own dildo or vibrator that wasn’t properly cleaned after the last use can give herself a yeast infection, even though she was the only person to use it in the past.

When cleaning vibrating toys that are not waterproof, always be careful to avoid getting water near the electrical parts or battery area. Special antibacterial toy cleaners can be purchased from most adult stores or adult websites, which are specially formulated for use on a variety of materials. These cleaners can be a little expensive, but can be worth the money for the peace of mind involved. Check the packaging or website for information on what materials the cleaner is formulated for.

If this type of cleaner is not available, the best way to clean a toy will depend entirely on the toy’s material. For instance, silicone toys can be boiled for two to three minutes if they are not electrical or battery operated. They can also be washed with soap and hot water. They should be air-dried or dried with a lint-free cloth. Glass toys can be washed with antibacterial soap and hot water, and can also be wiped down with alcohol wipes. Rubber, latex and jelly materials are very porous. These materials can be washed with soap and water, but need to be rinsed very thoroughly as any soap residue left on the toy can pit the surface of the toy causing the possibility of irritation or infection for the user. Using a condom on rubber, latex and jelly materials is an extremely good idea because the material is so porous. Toys made of materials that are realistic to skin must be handled very carefully – these toys will be advertised as realistic and will often have the word “skin” in the material name. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. If instructions aren’t available, they can be washed with warm (never hot) water and a liquid antibacterial soap and should be air dried.

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