An Eye Opener

Does bukkake cause pink eye? Pink eye runs rampant as an infectious disease since people generally rub their eyes and put their hands to their face any number of times a day. Once transmitted manually from one person to the next the highly contagious conjunctivitis spreads quickly and effectively into the irritating eye ailment. But a new phenomenon has come to light in connection with pink eye. It seems that as many as nine percent of severe conjunctivitis cases were not manually transmitted but came from the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis via other fluids then usually assumed. It seems these unlucky nine percent most likely came in contact with cum close to their face and the sperm transmitted Chlamydia which in turn became pink eye.

Since a history of ejaculation to conjunctiva is not normally suspected doctors have no real way of knowing how often this cum-to-pink eye connection occurs in gay men and hetero women. By accident or on purpose many men do in fact ejaculate into their lover’s faces; in doing so, they might indeed be transmitting the building blocks for severe conjunctivitis. For some couples though a man ejaculating in his lover’s face can be a great end to dom/submissive sex play and still many gay men and women find the feel of warm wet semen spreading across their face alluring and intensely erotic. Loaded with proteins supposedly beneficial to the skin, few couples actually worry about a facial spreading so close to a lover’s eyes that they might indeed incur a disease from it!

In Japanese society bukkake-cumming anywhere but in a woman’s vagina-is celebrated as a common expression of lust in that country’s porn. Because of censorship in Japan’s early dirty films, cocks and pussies had to be pixilated, meaning Japanese pornography focused more on the face and body of actresses rather than her cunt, tits and ass, which the viewer couldn’t truly see anyway. Not being able to show penetration then Japanese porn film makers instead showed semen spurting on the parts of the actress they were allowed to show-face and neck-and bukkake, one of the highest selling types of porn still in that country, was born.

Whether or not the Japanese actresses saw a rise in pink eye, no one knows for sure!

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