Your Grandparents Are Probably Having Sex

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that men think about sex all day, every day. If pressed, many would place sex at the number one spot in their ‘to do’ lists – and with free porn all over the place, you can’t exactly blame them. But what about the elderly? We all know that our grandparents are not exactly ‘getting it on’ everynight, right? Not quite.

A new study has just debunked the popular myth that men lose interest in sex as they get older. And if one Mr. Hugh Hefner hasn’t taught you this by now, then allow the researchers from the University of Western Australia to do all the ‘splaining.

After polling 2,700 men between 75 and 95 years old on their health and sexual patterns, the results were a lot more revealing that previously anticipated. Despite older men confessing to not having as much sex as their younger counterparts, 20 percent of those aged from 90 to 95 still held sex as a high priority. Surprisingly, while only 48 percent of all the men surveyed claimed that sex was an important aspect of their lives, only 30 percent of them were sexually active. So what can we conclude from this? Eighteen percent of the surveyed seniors weren’t having sex but really wish they were. Poor ol’ guys.

Researchers concluded that the same applies to the majority of senior men. While most would love nothing more than to get busy with a lucky gray-haired gal, the lack of accessible women and plethora of health concerns prevent them from doing so. Add in the fact that most suffer from heart complications, ulcers and arthritis and it’s not hard to understand why many simply opt out of sex altogether.

That’s not to say that old men can’t have sex, however. Whether a man is 13 or 100, it’s pretty safe to say that given the opportunity, they’d be more than glad to get into a ladies’ pants. And in the age of Viagra and endless sex toys, not even dementia is enough to put a damper on a horny man on a mission.

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