Our Most Common (Utterly Boring) Sex Fantasies

All right, girls and boys, are you ready to hear how boring we are? I came across a sex therapist’s list of the top five most common sex fantasies of both men and women, and it depressed the hell out of me. Naturally, I decided I should write about it. Torture you with it. Ask you to stop fantasizing about this boring sex fantasy boringness that’s so boring it’s more boring than a porn featuring a pizza delivery man and a blonde with fake tits. Ok. Let’s begin.

#1 Sex Fantasy

Her: Fucking her current partner. Yup. the number one spot goes to imagining things she has or has not done with her partner. Yawn.

Him: Fucking his current partner. Yup. I swear. It’s apparently the same goddamn thing for both men and women. Ugh.

# 2 Sex Fantasy

Her: Fucking another dude

Him: Fucking another dude chick.

# 3 Sex Fantasy

Her: Sex with another woman aka hot lesbian porn sex. Ok, Ok, I can definitely get behind this one, but still, kind of boring.

Him: Getting oral. (Really, guys? You can’t imagine beyond your own cocks? Wow.)

# 4 Sex Fantasy

Her: Kinky sex. The unknown. BDSM. This was classified with the catch-all term ‘kinky sex,’ which is wrong, because this is where all the interesting thoughts are. I hate this sex therapist and her stupid list – it doesn’t make any sense.

Him: Sex with multiple women. Hot, but still boring.

# 5 Sex Fantasy

Her: Getting oral. I can understand this one, ladies, after all, not many men are super-duper at the pussy-licking, you’re probably imagining someone with actual skills, like me.

Him: Voyeurism & exhibitionism. Whoop-whoop! Now we are getting somewhere, now the creative sex kitten is coming out. Maybe it takes five brainstorming sessions to get the male brain going…I have hope for number six. Someone, find out number six….

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