The Top 5 Best Strip Clubs In The World

Every once in awhile, a man just has to get out there and hit the clubs – strip clubs that is. But before heading out into your local dingy club to witness a bunch of Salty Tammy’s shaking their ‘groove thang’, consider a venue that will ensure you get the most bang for your buck – no pun intended. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the top five best strip clubs in the world. They’re about as close to paradise as you’ll ever get, aside from free porn.

1. Hot Lap Dance, New York, New York – For those who like to watch their strippers solo, consider checking out Hot Lap Dance in Manhattan. Considered to be one of the best sex clubs in the United States, the club is situated in a modern loft space right in the middle of the Big Apple. You can also be sure that Manhattanite strippers will provide you with a lot more than you previously expected.

2. Night Flight, Moscow, Russia – While Russia is known for their beautiful women, their strip clubs are also something to be admired. Night Flight is not your average strip club however, it also features a night club, cigar lounge and even a restaurant. No need to go anywhere else.

3. Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, New York, New York – Despite being able to find a Hustler Club in just about any main U.S. city, its New York branch is definitely a stand-out. With V.I.P. themed suites for just about everyone, its high ceilings provide their ladies with space for acrobatic tricks that will be sure to blow your mind.

4. 4 Play Gentleman’s Club – For those who thought gentleman’s clubs were history, think again. Situated in West L.A., 4 Play will be sure to satisfy those with a penchant for blonde’s with fake tits. The club prides itself in their Playboy-worthy dancers and their skills on a pole. Despite not serving alcohol, 4 Play features lap, couch and even bed dances – for those who are after a bi intimacy.

5. Spearmint Rhino – Voted as the Gentleman’s Club of the Year, Spearmint Rhino features a whopping 250 strippers. The club has become so famous that it now has branches all across the globe. Thought nothing quite beats the original. And despite it being known to be expensive, it will certainly be worth every penny.

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