The Erotic Photography of Tasya Van Ree

For those of you who live under a rock, let me introduce Tasya Van Ree. Tasya is smoking hot. Lucky (or unlucky?) for us, she’s also a lesbian, and her girlfriend is even hotter than she is. Ever heard of Amber Heard? She’s an actress and model – Zombieland, Pineapple Express, The Boys Love Mandy Lane, blah, blah, blah – who cares. She’s the girlfriend. She’s also Tasya’s muse.

Tasya, you see, is a photographer. Although I admire straight up hardcore porn as much as the next guy, I also appreciate the artful erotic. And Tasya has a talent for the erotic. Her photos of women are spectacular. She finds the must stunning creatures out there and shoots them half-naked in hauntingly beautiful places. Cemeteries, desolate streets, eccentric homes – she takes partial nudity everywhere.

Amber is a frequent character in her photographs. Indeed, before the recent admission that the two were actually a couple, Head and Van Ree had been claiming their relationship was simply a professional one. Now that we know this not the case, we all have material for the hottest lesbian porn fantasies ever.

Many of Van Ree’s photographs serve as a jumping off point for said lesbian porn fantasies. Take, for example, the photo of heard from the waist down, wearing stockings and a garter belt, with Van Ree sitting on the edge of the bed, her hair tousled, looking up with aching longing at Heard. We are dying to know what happens next, but for once, men, we have to fill in the blanks ourselves. This is a choose-your-own-adventure. All too often, we rely on the overdone orgasms and explicit fucking of free porn to get us off. Van Ree’s photos offer us the opportunity to take a break from hard core and use our imaginations for once. And with Van Ree and Heard, I believe the work that comes with imagining is beyond worth it.

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