Sex During the Holidays

Everyone knows that the holidays are a busy time, and often a time when we are dealing with an unusual amount of stressors from family. Remember that to stay sane, finding at least some private time is essential. If you make time for showering and cooking, wrapping gifts and serving guests, you shouldn’t forget one more important thing: sex.

It may seem too difficult to find time for sex, especially while navigating around relatives. No matter – there is always time for a sexual release. Think about the aforementioned shower. Even if Aunt Betty is staying over, you and your partner can get up an hour earlier and shower together. Fondling and sex in the shower is a great way to start your busy day and you will be all the more jolly for it. If you happen to be alone one particular morning, cracking one off in the shower while thinking of free porn is a no-brainer good start to your day.

Are you cooking a big meal? Many cooks tell you that prepping foods as much as possible will save time and energy. This is true, and it will especially help you here. Getting the easy part done early and getting the big things cooking can leave a nice gap of time when nothing is urgent… except your need for good head. Slip away for a quickie while you have that sweet time when you’re not needed in the kitchen.

If you celebrate Christmas, getting the kids in bed early on Christmas Eve is great for Santa so he can sneak in with all the loot. It’s also great for a real night of knocking boots uninterrupted. Again, getting most of the gifts ready to go ahead of time will help you, but even if you do have to get a few items together, you’ve got all night, or at least before the over-excited kids get you up at the crack of dawn.

Good holiday sex can mean the difference between a peaceful, loving holiday and one filled with anxiety. Pet the pussy and take care of that penis and sexual frustration won’t get in the way of a festive time. Coming is brilliant stress relief, so be sure to revel in those moments of post-orgasmic bliss. Happy Holidays!

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