The Borghild Project: The Orgin Of The Sex Doll

While blow up dolls are often regarded as being nothing more than a gag gift or free porn assistant, its origins were a lot more interesting than the product itself. Many belive that the very first sex doll was constructed in 1941 by a team of craft specialists from Germany’s Hygience Museum Dresden.

Dubbed as the “field-hygienic project”, it was headed by Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, who saw the doll as a means of stabilizing his stormtropers’ sexual drives. In a letter dating back to 1940, Himmler touches upon the topic of suffering “unnecessary losses” due to STD ridden French prostitutes: “”The greatest danger in Paris are the wide-spread and uncontrolled whores, picking by clients in bars, dance halls and other places. It is our duty to prevent soldiers from risking their health, just for the sake of a quick adventure”.

And so, as a collaboration between SS Dr. Joachim Mrurgowsky, Franz Tschakert and SS Heinrich Himmler – project Burghild was initiated. Shortly after – in wake of Hitler’s attack on Russia in 1941 – SS Dr. Olen Hannussen replaced Mrurgowsky and changed the project’s name from ‘Burghild’, to it’s Danish equivalent ‘Borghild’.

One of Hannussen’s strategies for promoting the usage of his “galvonoplastical dolls”, included “disinfection trailers” that would follow the soldiers into enemy territory and keep them from resulting to “foreign womenfolk”. But despite his efforts, producing these dolls did not come easy. Knowing that no man would pick a doll over a real woman, they had to develop a synthetic flesh that was as close to the real deal as possible.

After finally developing the appropriate polymers, the Borghild project was finally starting to come together. Seen as a reflection of the Nazi’s beauty-ideal, the doll had fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. After various discussions over the doll’s face – using a real picture or “an artificial face of lust” – the later was found to be more attractive. However, in 1942 the entire project was set to a halt never to be dealt or heard about again. It is believed that any evidence surrounding the Borghild project was destroyed in 1942 when bombings shattered the city of Dresden. Perhaps it is because of that, that many are skeptical to it’s entire existence.

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