Everyone likes to fantasize: wishing for a bigger house or a bigger cock; wanting to be able to light out from the family and marry a sheik; to develop a cure for some incurable disease. Sometimes fantasies revolve around places, some around people, and some are intertwined with the men and women we see every day on out T.V.’s magazines and movies. Most of us know that our celebrities and T.V. stars are not our friends, that we never actually fucked George Clooney and that Cher is not stopping over for dinner, but the growing populace who do believe that they have a personal relationship with movie stars they do not know personally sometimes pose a real problem to the celebs of this world.

This fixation on a celebrity, the fantasy notion that lives are inextricably linked is called erotomania. It is a form of sexual obsession of a very specific high order, one that is less about the libido-though the libido does enter into it-then it is about self esteem and wish fulfillment. Most obsessions grow from the person who obsesses lack of self esteem, lusting after another, but lusting after a celebrity is certainly different then lusting after a contemporary. Aching for the MILF next door’s fantastic tits might push one to buy a pair of binoculars, dreaming about fucking the high school quarterback might only garner one some embarrassing moments when the crush is admitted in the girl’s locker-room, but there are legitimate stalkers who chase after actors, actresses, musicians and rock stars whom they feel they know, whom they feel they have a relationship with, whom they are assured are acting, singing and playing just for them. There is no bottom to the well the mind creates when one has a big well to fill.

If a person with very low self esteem comes across a person with seemingly high self esteem-as any movie, rock, sports even porn star would seem to have-then it is easy to see why the person with self esteem would want to share in the light of that confidence. Unfortunately the erotomania-fixed believe that in wanting to share they actually do share and that they and their celeb crush are linked, simply because they want to be so.

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