My Lust for Erika Lust

Erika Lust is making some of the best porn I’ve seen in ages. It’s sexy, creative and full of absolutely stunning men and women. (Stunning men are quite rare in porn.) Lust is a feminist director from Sweden, but currently working out of Barcelona. Indeed, many of her films are in Spanish, but – not speaking a word of Spanish myself – I assure you that you don’t need to understand the words coming out of the actors’ mouths to enjoy Lust’s films.

The term ‘feminist’ porn is a tricky one. Each individual would certainly describe it differently. For me, in general, feminist porn is pornography where the female has agency – she determines the action, whether she chooses to be dominant or submissive. I have trouble classifying films by directors such as Candida Royale as feminist because I find they pander to stereotypes. In Candida’s films, women want beefcake Fabio-types and can only orgasm in the presence of a mystical substance called ‘Romance.” Lust, on the other hand, is neither for or against romance, choosing to create a wide variety of story lines that better represent women’s (and men’s ) wide array of sexual desires and fantasies.

My favorite Lust film is “Five Hot Stories For Her.” One of the stories, Jodetocarlos – Fuck You, Carlos – features a gorgeous tattooed-blonde who comes home to find her boyfriend, Carlos, cheating on her. A few days later, she throws a party and chooses two beautiful men to take to bed during the festivities. She directs the action, she touches and is touched and decides what and how things will happen between them. The lens presents the sexual beauty of the male beauty just a much as it does of the female’s body. Our pussies get wet when the lens frames the two mens tight, tanned asses perked out on the bed for us, just as much as it does when it focuses on the woman’s ample tits. The men in the scene have the woman’s pleasure in mind, and recognize this is the point of the process. Anyways, the three tit fuck, pussy fuck, split up and come back together, and all the while, film one another. The next day, the scorned woman gets the video to Carlos in a very interesting way, with the message, “Fuck You, Carlos.”

One of the other vignettes, entitled Married With Children, is about a married couple too tired to fuck at home, so they end up meeting in a seedy motel room and getting into some hot masked BDSM with one another. The content Lust explores is always interesting; I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next. If you haven’t seen one of her movies, go check her out, whether your a man or a woman (I promise you, men, her female actresses are worth it.) This is one female director you want to get behind.

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