Spain’s Booming Brothels

Despite the recent Spanish economic downturn, one industry seems to be booming stronger than ever: prostitution (bet you thought I was going to say free porn didn’t you?). Don Jose – one of the largest brothels in the country – has been bustling with both locals and tourists alike. Covered in neon lights, Don Jose consists of a three story building with two bars, a VIP lounge and over 70 prostitutes, who parade around the establishment in anything from lingerie to g-strings.

According to one of the regulars, the crowd at Don Jose’s changes drastically throughout the day. Afternoons and early evenings cater mostly towards businessman, who usually tell their wives they’re in “business meetings”. Later in the evening, it gets taken over by young adults, who mostly attend for a good laugh and occasional sex.

And while some countries might be shocked at the Spaniards’ openness regarding prostitution, locals are not surprised. In fact, prostitution is so accepted in the country that a whopping 39% of Spanish men have admitted to hiring escorts at least once in their lives. As a means of comparison, Holland (despite being incredibly liberal) holds a prostitution rate of 14% while Britain trails far behind at only 5 to 10%.

Considering the high demand for hookers, it’s also no surprise that Spain is home to over 300,000 prostitutes, working anywhere from bordellos to street corners. Recently, developers opened the biggest brothel in all of Europe, aptly named Club Paradise. However, one problem seems to be casting a bad light on the recent prostitution boom – human trafficking. Records show that in 2009, Spain locked down over 17 crime rings connected to human trafficking, which brothels insist they have nothing to do with.

But reality paints a far more realistic picture. Considering the fact that prostitution is still very much legal in Spain, the oldest profession leaves much to be desired in matters of labor rights. While women are allowed to sell themselves for money, they aren’t left with many other rights. Add in the fact that jobs are scarce in the current economy – and that some women don’t have much of a choice when it comes to making money – and you’ve got an ideal cocktail for sex-worker exploitation.

For now, the Spanish sex trade is an industry on the ups. And while I’m all for allowing people to work in whichever field they please, I still hope that the Spanish government will put a stop to the rampant human trafficking issues. For now, they’re resorting to making street workers wear fluorescent vests in order to avoid any road accidents. I suppose baby steps are better than nothing.

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