Original Sex Dolls For The Brave

If you’ve been to a sex shop recently, you’ll know just how much diversity there is in the market. Whether you are looking for a toy to assist you in the sack, or merely just a companion for your free porn nights, you’ll be bound to come across a product that ‘tickles your fancy’. One of the most popular types of sex toy is the classic blow-up doll. Simply blow on the designated mouth-piece and you’ll have yourself an instant partner in crime. While you may opt for a sex doll that resembles your favorite porn star or celebrity, others are not as predictable – in fact, they are downright bizarre. Below, we’ll cover some of the most ground-breaking sex dolls on the market.

1. The Fatty Patty Jumbo Doll – For those who like to have a little more ‘cushion for the pushin’, consider the Fatty Patty sex doll. Featuring “three colossal love holes” and claiming to be “large and in charge”, this doll will be sure to satisfy those with a penchant for the voluptuous.

2. Travel Size Shananay – If you’re into dark chocolate and need a sex toy on the run, look no further than the Travel Size Shananay. Not only is she “ghetto fabulous” but also only 26 inches in height. And when it’s time to head out to your next business trip, simply deflate her, fold her up and tuck her into your suitcase undetected.

3. Ms. Piglet Party Pig – Catering to those who are unashamed of their bestiality tendencies, Ms. Piglet will be sure to “bring out the animal in you”. For only $20.99, you’ll be sure to shock all your friends while keeping yourself entertained when nobody is watching.

4. Area 51 Love Doll – If humans or animals are not your thing, consider the Area 51 Sex Doll. This purple alien babe comes equipped with not two, but three huge tits, a pussy-shaped mouth, suction fingers and ass-shaped ears. As a bonus, you’ll also receive your very own free alien lube.

5. Midget-Man Inflatable Love Doll – Now here’s one for the ladies. This life-sized midget-man is your best bet at on-the-go loving. But don’t let his short stature fool you, while he may be stocky, he’s still quite cocky. Your best bet at accomplishing a “low blow”.

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