A Brief History Lesson On The Condom

Condoms are not exactly a modern-day invention. In fact, they are thought to be one of the oldest methods of contraception in history, with traces going all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Here, we’ll outline the history of the condom. Though not as thrilling as free porn, it is most certainly interesting.

1000 BC – Archeologists have found evidence that ancient Egyptians developed the very first condom, made of linen sheath nonetheless. Thought it is thought they were mostly used as protection against disease, not as a contraceptive.

100 – 200 AD – Cave paintings found in Combrarelles, France depict one of the earliest forms of condoms in Europe. Shaped like a pouch and made of leather, these vintage condoms were also thought to have existed in imperial Rome. Around the same time period, Japanese condoms were made from either leather or – get this – tortoise shells. It certainly makes one wonder how they ere able to enjoy sex with a such a barrier around their members.

14th Century – This time period brought on the first real advancements in condom production. The standard linen cloth sheets were soaked in a chemical formula and left to dry – which made them thinner and more manageable. Back then, one of the main reasons for wearing a condom was to prevent syphilis – a disease that was rapidly spreading.

15th & 16th Century – By mid 16th century, condoms were already being used all throughout Europe. This was proven through the memoirs of various authors, including James Boswell and Casanova – who used an ‘English Riding Coat’ to prevent STD’s and inception.

19th Century – Rubber vulcanization finally put an end to linen and gut condoms in the 1840’s. By subjecting crude rubber to intense heat, people were able to transform it into a strong elastic material. Not only did this speed up the manufacturing process, but it also made condoms a lot cheaper to make.

20th Century – With new technologies, people were then capable of producing liquid latex – a far more pliable material then its rubber counterpart. Not only were they thinner, but they would also last a lot longer. This invention paved the way to the elastic and thin varieties we have today.

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