Celebrity Sex Lives

Supermodel Cindy Crawford claims that she and her husband set aside specific times each week to fuck. This powerful couple is not unlike any other married people or live-in partners, whose life and children cause obstacles to the sex they wish to be having. Cindy Crawford currently oversees a business empire that includes home furnishings and skincare products while her hubby overseas several L.A. nightclubs. Somehow they believe leaving their sex life to spontaneity will not work within the stressed confines of their marriage so a schedule works best for the world-known brunette and her bo. Somewhere between porn star romping and high school backseat stolen moments, Cindy and her man find the time to be intimate.

Most couples, whether bi, straight or gay, feel their time truncated the deeper they become committed to one another. It’s an unfortunate series of events that when people are just dating they might find the time to engage in all manner of kinks, as much as possible, but once they are living together simply don’t find the time. Add kids and the worry of a job into the mix, simply keeping the day-to-day routine of a household running smoothly exhausts most couples. To even think about sex, let alone get into bed and do anything but sleep, is Herculean for most couples trying to make a go of it in these busy times.

Spontaneity and foreplay are wonderful concepts, but the reality of an adult’s life is that they simply do not have the time for candles and lingerie, where a charged sex toy and maybe some downloaded porn will heat proceedings must quicker. People who have been in a monogamous committed relationship for any long period of time should simply count their blessings that they even still want to make love, let alone if they ever get to! Too often, by the time a married couple is trying to schedule specifics times or days to have sex, their interest has waned to the point where the man is stepping out looking for other pussy or the woman is in the arms of another lover on a semi-regular basis. And while Ms. Crawford’s plan might seem a bit sterile, she at least is still having sex with her husband or at least cares to enough that they are trying to make dates to meet and share a few moments of intimacy.

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