College Fakers

In a study of more then two hundred college students, twenty five percent of the men and half the women report that they acted out or faked orgasm during some sort of sexual activity. Reporting they simply wanted the fucking and sucking to end and not hurt their date’s feelings, these young men and women simply made believe they were coming.

Usual studies show that between half and two-thirds of women fake or have faked orgasm during their lives, but the new report’s findings about men are interesting in that in order for a man to fake ejaculation he must go through quite a different round of pretending then a woman. While the men surveyed didn’t quite come out and amdit to faking an orgasm they did amid to doing something ‘similar’.

Though these men reported on their oral sex and manual release experiences, the faked
orgasms were usually, as expected, occuring in connection with intercourse, the only real time
and place the men could fake orgasm without any real detection.

Pretenders, both men and women, tended to be those young men and women who were more sexually experienced, and were more likely to have had an orgasm at some point; they simply knew how to act as if they were having one.

Length of time was really the only reason for men-and women-to have faked orgasm. In many cases they agreed to sex with their partners, when in actuality they did not want to have sex and the less amount of time they could spend fucking, the quicker they seemed to orgasm, the faster the sex they did not want to be having all along would end.

The men and women fakers also reported a commonality of feeling pressure to orgasm during intercourse and when they don’t they simply fake it so their partner can then comeĀ…and then end the fuck.

Sex as a performance, like the porn men and women watch way too often and masturbate over constantly, is problematic, at best, doomed to failt mostly, and never a fufilling experience.
Faking orgasm is the easiest way to lead to an end result with a partner where orgasms will be in an ever dwindling reply, for both the pretender and, after a time, the lover the pretender is pretending for.

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