Big Cities Have Sexual Allure

A quiet night in the country can lead a couple on a romantic liaison in a forest, to some quiet humping on a blanket in a field under a starry night sky or some oral sex high atop the loft of a barn in the quiet and tranquility of a much needed respite. But some lovers thrive on the hustle and bustle, a rhythmic pulse of people and machinery under them, and bright lights and even a hint of danger to get them off. And while the suburbs to have charms to sooth and deliver a quaint charm when needed, big cities crackle with life that many lovers need to charge their libido and set their beds on fire.

Tourists take to a big city for as much as its culture, restaurants and famous landmarks as much as to feel the energy of a big city. And energy is alluring, it makes one’s heart beat faster, brings a blush to one’s skin as well as heat to the tip of a man’s cock and tickles a woman’s nipples to erection.

Just the thought that one is in a city that has a reputation-whether good or bad-can make lovers excited. Often times the stories and concepts one hears or holds of a place don’t hold even come to pass. But it’s not until one is in that place and experiencing wholly different actions and people that one realizes that their preconceived notions are being left in the dust for new notions, and the new notions are just as sexy!

Every big city in the world holds an allure for the very fact that it is a big city. Couples are walking hand-in-hand under the Eiffel Tower for the very first time and will later make love in a hotel room that same Eiffel Tower shining its light in their hotel room. Two men will saunter with their arms around one another through San Francisco’s Bart train system and know that in this city they are welcome to show their affection, which they will further hours later in a small rented house taking turns fucking each other’s asses. The bigger the population of a place the more chances one has finding people with like-minded kinks, attitudes or sexual preferences.

Big cities hold such a deep well of potential to anything anyone wants to explore.

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