Bye Bye Gonzo

The best selling porn DVD’s in recent history have been big budget affairs borrowing pirate ships from Disney and parodying famous T.V. shows. Actors with big dicks and all those actresses sporting augmented breasts are engaging in scenes atop fire trucks or in lavish sets sucking, fucking, fingering and rimming with big crews attending to their needs and high paid directors helming the shoot. What was once an industry built solidly on fucking has now turned into one where mainstream Hollywood production values are being spent to deliver a great looking movie.

Sure there are studios still churning out independent gonzo fare. There will always be an audience for men shooting cum in a woman’s face, with no reason or provocation. There will always be men and women both who want to watch a woman take a big thick dick as deep into her ass as she can. Specific kink acts will always sell to an elite audience that wants only spanking action and no story, or gay men fisting one another to the exclusion of anything else.

The dirty movie business began and was built on cheap sets with even cheaper dialogue, actresses coming from the world of stripper shows and prostitutes, actors often the men who put the money up for the shoot or simply someone some one else knew with a bigger-then-average dick. As the movies made money organized crime stepped in for their piece of the pie, movie theatres showed exclusively dirty movies and the business never really hit the mainstream.
But these days porn is more legit and more readily available. Both men and women both enjoy dirty films and these mainstream porn audiences are being fed higher priced movies featuring higher paid actors and actresses with more lavish production values and scripted scenes that have both dialogue and sex.

As the porn industry fights a never-ending battle with digital downloaded pirated copies of their output and church group lead politicians and political church groups continue to attack erotic images from the mild to the wild, pornographers attempt to gain a foothold in legitimacy by increasing the budgets on their output and creating truly tasteful packing for their tasteless fare.
Is gonzo, straight hard fucking, deep face-fucking, lesbo sex toy stuff dead? Time will tell as it always does in the wonderful world of porn.

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