Scary Looking Sex Toys

The subject of sex toys is one that has been covered by us time and time again. Whether they are innovative, funny or downright bizarre, there seems to be something for everyone out there. With that in mind, we decided to scour the adult toy market for some of the scariest looking sex toys the world has ever seen. Short of looking pleasurable in any way, shape or form, these devices will be sure to give you nightmares, not orgasms.

1. The Sexy Sadist 2-Row Cock Ring – For all you fetishists out there, consider this spiked out cock ring. Serving as both a cock ring and ball stretcher (I’m just as confused as you are), this multipurpose product features two rows of stainless steel teeth and a hole for your padlock of choice. Just be sure to measure your package before ordering your own, The Sexy Sadist comes in two sizes.

2. The Plow – The Plow looks more like a medieval torture machine than a sex toy. Selling for a whopping $500-750, this premium fuck machine come equipped with a remote control and boasts being “quiet and easy to use”. You can also adjust it to a variety of different positions for the ultimate pleasurable scary experience.

3. Teddy Bear Vibe – Cleverly disguised as a well-endowed teddy bear – for when your kids stumble across it in your nightstand – the Teddy Bear Vibe is essentially a rubber spiked vibrator. A great gift for those who want their sex toys to resemble cute cuddly animals.

4. Goo Gobblin Granny Love Doll – Why settle for your average blonde inflatable doll when you can have your very own plastic granny? Equipped with her very own set of dentures and three “love holes”, you’ll never settle for a boring 20-something again.

5. The Cannon – One look at the picture and it speaks for itself. Three to four times the size of a Coke can, this dildo/butt plug puts all free porn stars to shame. The company’s website even states the following, “The heft, thickness and range of this butt plug means you’ll get a fulfilling stretch”. Though I’m inclined to think that a “stretch” is a bit of an understatement.

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