Dressing Your Age

Keeping one’s self in shape as one grows older is a Herculean task. None of us are in porn but tits fall, asses fill-out and men inevitably grow the mid-40’s pot belly. Muscle tone shrinks and weight gain is ever easier each year that passes. It is all any man or woman can do to just keep at a level where they are not gaining two to three pounds each year. But exercising and eating right is only half the battle to looking good.

One must dress their age as well.

Men and women both can do harm to their body image by buying and wearing clothes too many years young for them. In an effort to still dress the part, of maybe still wanting to show-off a well-toned body, too many guys and gals both buy clothes their kids would wear, thinking that since they have the body to wear these clothes, they should be able to show-off their body in those clothes. But just because one can, should one?

There are plenty of short skirts that will show-off a woman’s legs quite attractively, without showing too much; at a certain age a woman should temper length to reveal some of her skin but not as much as she did twenty years before. Bras work wonders for women with a normal slope to their breasts and they should be worn. And men, no matter what age, no matter how full six pack they are sporting or how big their cock is…should never wear a Speedo!

It is simply a matter orf dressing appropriate to one’s age.

Men as well as women all want to be younger, chasing the dream of eternal youth with make-up, workouts and Botox injections, but there are some battles we loose no matter how good we look. Knowing what looks good on one’s frame, what part of oneself one knows is worth accentuating, and having the courage to do so works in anyone’s favour no matter how old they might be. Fashion can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how it is used…or abused. There just comes a time when our arms are not the biggest anymore, or cute little ass is not the smallest and tightest in the group we are with and in public we look better with more clothes on then off.

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