Reasons For Holding On To Your V Card

With movies like 40 Year Old Virgin portraying virgins as losers with no life, people can often force themselves to lose their innocence token a lot faster than usual. However, being a virgin also has its pro’s. Like they say, don’t knock it till you try it. And while it’s already too late for the majority of us, it still doesn’t hurt too look into some of the benefits of skipping out on sex. After all, there is always free porn to get us by. Below, we highlight some of the best reasons for grasping onto your virginity -or just avoiding sex altogether.

1. Pregnancy Is Not An Issue – As a virgin, if your period decides to disappear for a month, it will be a cause for celebration, not panic. Not having to worry about the possibility of becoming pregnant is one of the most liberating thoughts for both men and women.

2. STD’s Mean Nothing To You – Unless you’re shooting up with your fellow crackheads, abstaining from sex will also relieve you of any concerns surrounding STD’s. With chlamydia, AIDS and gonorrhea floating around; not having sex suddenly sounds a lot more appealing.

3. You Can Still Fantasize About Your First Time – Unlike your friends who lost their virginities to a random stranger in a dingy dorm room, you still have the luxury of daydreaming about your first time with a total knockout. Even if that doesn’t really happen.

4. College Sex Is Not All That – If you’ve talked to your colleagues about their sexual experiences in college, you’ll know that it’s not all that it’s cracked out to be. Instead of wild orgies and sex with hundreds of girls, chances are they experienced sloppy seconds and a complete lack of intimacy. Avoid cringing at the thought of college sex by skipping it all together.

5. You Can Still Be Sexual – Too many people are quick to think that all virgins are prudes that blush at the mere thought of anything sexual. In reality, virgins masturbate, tell dirty jokes and watch porn just like the rest of us. Plus, they don’t have to worry about being dumped or used for sex.

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