Bad Back Sex

The minute a man or woman goes down because of a back injury there’s not much hanky-panky they are thinking of. Back main is pervasive since we simply cannot move, sit, stand, bend over, do much of anything without the use of our backs. Once we are out of commission, slipping a disc or suffering spasms, all bets are off to when we might be back on our feet or comfortable lying on our back to fuck our partners. In fact, many people who have back pain feel it as a constant in their lives. Remember, you’re not a porn star, and can relax during sex.

Suffering through some sort of back distress one would welcome the diversion of sex though. The problem is shifting in a comfortable enough position where one doesn’t feel any pain, let alone making sure one doesn’t add an undue weight to one’s already aching back. It’s best to forgo intercourse when one is laid up with a back injury, avoid any activity where one has to use their hips too much. Unfortunately pretty much all sex utilizes one’s hips, but in the pinpoint pleasures of receiving or giving oral sex, if the positioning is right, one probably could make an effort to try and orgasm or being their partner to a climax. Still, no women or man needs to be contorting to any unusual positions even if all they can do at the moment is eat pussy or cock.

There are women who suffer incredible back pain simply because they support breasts that are too large for their frame. It’s probably not a great idea then to attempt some sort of tit play with a girl who suffers back pain because of themCouples could find a nice genteel sensual approach to intimately communicating if one person simply attends to the bad back of their partner by massaging their sore back area with a heated balm or cold packs…not every touch has to turn into aggressive love-making. Back pain can come from stress, those big breasts, muscle fatigue and maybe even wild humping, one partner’s bad back symptoms could cause a couple to restart their approach to how they touch, tickle and tease one another and from the pain and a momentary halt to anything arduously sexual, a couple might find whole new ways to communicate with their bodies.

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