Putting On The Ritz On Your Putz

The sex industry stands for many different things. One thing is most certainly doesn’t represent however, is luxury. Most recently, the founders of the Original Condom Company – H.R.H. Prince Charles Emnnanuel de Bourbon-Parme and Count Gil de Bizemont – introduced a new line of luxury condoms that come packaged in ultra-fancy cases resembling those meant for high-end jewelry.

Produced in none other than Condom, in the south of France, these ritzy jimmy hats were created in order to promote “safe sex with elegance, chic and eco-aware”. While the actual product is nothing special – your standard latex and lube mix – it’s the surrounding case that speaks for itself. Resembling an engagement ring box, the packaging features everything from faux suede, a gold interior and velvety insides. These luxe boxes come with two different size options: the small pocket size, which carries three condoms and is priced at $13.50; and the regular sized box, equipped with six condoms and selling for $20 a pop.

Count Gil de Bizemont had this tidbit to say about their new luxury product, “Condoms protect everyone from disease, ours protect from tackiness”. Who knew that we now have to focus on the stylishness of our contraceptive methods?

But the Original Condom Company is not the only one striving towards more fashionable rubbers. Los Angeles based oooBoutique has developed a line of stylish condoms that are meant to serve as an extension of their users style. After all, once you’re naked, it’s hard to showcase you penchant for good taste. Their collection is composed of three different categories: the ‘Feel Me’ variety features a pink trim with a heart shape and features condoms that are on the sheer side. So called ‘Rock Me’ boasts a crown-shaped trim with a flared design for maximum comfort. And last but not least, ‘Savor Me’ which features a lip-shaped case and comes with six different condoms in a variety of different flavors.

While these luxury condoms are certainly more expensive than your average Trojans, their manufacturers are certain that the added luxe-appeal will add a boost to your sex life (take note free porn enthusiasts!). But the way I see it, a condom is a condom. The packaging may be nice to look at for the first couple of minutes, but at the end of the day, sex is sex.

What’s next? Twenty-four carat gold?

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