Hollywood’s Hottest Scientologists

Scientology is the new go-to religion in Hollywood, and despite it’s dubious premise, it’s only becoming more popular. It’s hard to blame unstable people with more money than God for choosing a religion that’s more World of Warcraft than path to enlightenment, especially considering the way it rewards them for being involved. So, while everyone knows that Tom Cruise has embraced the whacky ways of Scientology, lets look at some of the hottest Hollywood starlets to join this growing cult.

Laura Prepon: Best known as Donna on That 70’s Show, Prepon was introduced to Scientology by her co-star (and boyfriend) Danny Masterson. How a big tithed redhead with sex appeal to burn became entangled in this silly cult is hard to fathom, but we bet Ron L. Hubbard smiles every time Masterson fucks her.

Juliette Lewis: From her role in Natural Born Killers to her current tenure as the lead singer in The New Romantiques, Lewis has always been a little unstable – certainly not the kind of girl you’d want to date. Don’t tell that to Brad Pitt however, who was romantically linked to her in the early 90’s. We’re guessing he was just into her because she’s practically a porn star. Hey, we’d do her too.

Jenna Elfman: Yes, Dharma from Dharma and Greg is a Scientologist. We don’t even know what to write, we’re kind of broken up about it. Next!

Lisa Marie Presley: No one would ever accuse Lisa Marie of making good choices, however it’s sad to think that scientology has claimed Elvis’ daughter. That’s worse than picturing her having sex with Michael Jackson, and there aren’t many things that are worse than that!

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