Anal Toys

There are all kinds of anal toys available for purchase in sex shops and on the internet that can add a level of intensity to anal play that a cock just cannot provide. Depending on what people may be into, there can be a lot of very interesting options.

Anal beads come in a variety of styles, but mostly consist of a set of beads of graduating size that are linked together. The entire string is inserted except for the ring at the end which aids in removal. Many people enjoy having the beads pulled out quickly when they begin to orgasm.

Butt plugs are interesting items to own. They come in various sizes, which allows for gradual anal training. Many men feel that anal sex is even more enjoyable after their partner has had a butt plug inserted because they are able to push their cock in much deeper. For those who enjoy anal play, wearing a butt plug around the house can be very erotic and arousing. Plugs are available in many styles and materials, even stainless steel varieties which come in a variety of weights. The stainless plugs sometimes include jewels, sculpture or artwork on the end to create an inviting and attractive sight when the wearer is bent over. One can even purchase plugs with animal tails on the end, such as pony, dog tails and pig tails, which can be used for pet play or humiliation.

There are anal toys that vibrate, some with wireless remote controls so that one partner can control the intensity and speed of the vibration, and even turn it off and on at will. Wireless remote control toys can be a lot of fun, especially during a long car trip.

Glass plugs and dildos are very interesting toys, but should only be used if one is already experienced with insertable anal toys, as they are very hard and unyielding and can be a bit uncomfortable for new players. One of the joys of glass is that they hold temperatures well, so they can be cooled or heated by submerging them in a bowl of water that is the desired temperature before being used.

Check out your favorite sex toy supplier, and let your imagination run wild.

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