Don’t Be a Mama’s Boy

It’s always endearing to a female when they hear that they guy they’re interested in speak well of his mother. The truth is, guys who have a solid bond with their mums have a tendency to be better boyfriends. It makes us more considerate of women if we’ve grown up considering her. Ladies pick up on that, and they like it.

However, a guy who is too into his mum, either has an Oedipus complex (ie he wants to fuck his mom), or he will promptly be identified as a Mama’s Boy, a creature for whom they dread.

Women tend to be into men with a strong sense of themselves who won’t sway or buckle to pressure easily. Men who feel they have to check in with their mother for approval make themselves seem like pussies. Mama’s boys want nothing more than their mother’s approval, and will jump through hoops to win her over. You might think a woman would think this would reflect well on his potential treatment of her, but it is actually quite the opposite.

Women are acutely aware that if a man is busy fulfilling his mother’s desires (and not in the MILF free porn way, sicko), he will have difficulty making decisions as a couple, because he will be likely to need his mother’s approval before making any firm decisions. This drives women crazy.

Women don’t want to feel like they are in constant competition with your mom. If she’s around too much and she sets the proverbial bar in terms of cooking or housecleaning, this will get tired soon. If she is into those things, she will feel like she may never live up to those standards, and if she isn’t, then she may feel like you don’t appreciate her direction in life.

It’s okay to love your mom and to appreciate all the great things she has taught and provided you. But be careful to keep her at arm’s length when getting in a relationship with a woman. Prove to her that you are your own person, and that she has raised you well. If you can be a grown up, independent mother lover and not a whiny motherfucker, you should stand a good chance and working things out with the ladies in your life that you do want to have sex with.

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