Top 10 Fantastic Forty-Something Starlets Part 2 (#5-1)

#5 Diane Lane, 45

Despite the fact that she was under 40 at the time, Diane Lane’s performance in Unfaithful remains the quintessential Hollywood MILF portrayal – a mix of desperation and sex that’s intoxicating enough to make us want to go back and expand this list! In many ways, Lane is the Mom next door – a cute brunette with natural curves and big eyes, but her screen appearances are so vibrant they betray the sexy siren hidden underneath. And what a siren she is – peeling off more clothes the older she get. Now that’s our kind of girl!

#4 Demi Moore, 47

Demi Moore is as savvy as she is smoking. As she’s aged she’s opted to upgrade her body and her choice of men, and has retained her status as a sex symbol by doing so. Exhibit #1: swapping Bruce Willis for Ashton Kutcher. This is the equivalent of trading a utility infielder for A-Rod – not that Willis was a bad catch back in the 80’s, however once his A-List status left him (along with his hair), Moore wisely moved on to a hot younger man with “it” qualities. Of course, she’s gone under the knife as well, opting for botox and big breast implants to stay vital in Hollywood and in the hearts of men everywhere. While she may be fake, her looks are still tight – and when they fade we can always go back and watch Striptease.

#3 Nicole Kidman, 43

Anyone who’s seen the orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut has Nicole Kidman imprinted on their retinas for all times. How could Tom Cruise, a douchebag on the level of Hugh Grant, leave this stone cold fox due to conflicts over Scientology? I suspect that’s a mystery that will never be solved, however, Cruise’s loss was Keith Urban’s gain, as he moved in on one of the finest over-40 specimens to grace our collective gaze. If you don’t believe us check out her titillating performance in the underrated Fur, or the old but scorching To Die For.

#2 Marisa Tomei, 45

Despite being an Oscar winning actress, Marisa Tomei has chosen to bare all in several movies since she turned 40, giving us an eye popping glimpse at her chiseled chest and auspicious ass. All you need as justification for her placement on this list is her performance as a stripper in The Wrestler – we recommend tuning in to watch her gyrate and grind in a performance that reminds me more of something we’d see at Scores than My Cousin Vinny. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead is worth checking out too – but really, Tomei lights up the screen in everything she appears in. Voila!

#1 Sandra Bullock, 46

Sandra Bullock has been through a lot of ups and downs this year, but one thing that’s never been questioned is her beauty and proportionate class. Her high of winning an Oscar for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side was matched when she was literally blindsided by her husband Jesse James who was caught banging a porn star with swastika tattoos (not to mention the tattoos on her forehead). As much as her victory was tempered by her husband’s inane behavior, her recovery has been just as graceful – adopting a baby boy (which never fails to raise a starlet’s profile in Hollywood). Her adoption transformed Bullock into the best kind of MILF – a Mom who’s never actually had kids. It’s without reservation that we declare Sandra Bullock #1 and say that we wouldn’t mind opening her tight box for Christmas 2010!

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