Top 10 Fantastic Forty-Something Starlets Part 1 (#10-6)

The baby-boomer generation has been described as a “shockwave”, and nowhere is this more evident than in celebrity culture where the number of hot over-40 actresses has sky-rocked in recent years. Whether we have the baby boom to thank, or simply adept plastic surgeons, it’s hard to complain about the amount of MILFs in Hollywood these days. Therefore, in tribute to these lovely ladies, we bring you the first 5 of our top 10 fantastic fourty-something starlets in ascending order. *Please note that a complex algorithmic ranking system has been used to compile this list*

#10 Courtney Cox, 46

There are days Courtney Cox seems to be an optical illusion – her looks have remained remarkably consistent since her days as Jim Carrey’s sidekick in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and she has a pair of legs that would make any man melt. Not only that, but Cox has undergone a career revitalization in the past year starring in Cougar Town (after leaving Friends and living in its immense shadow). While Cougar Town is just a poor man’s Desperate Housewives, Courtney cock blocks Marcia Cross, who was bumped this list off due to Cox’s inclusion. Cougar indeed!

#9 Jennifer Tilly, 51

Perhaps it’s generous to list Jennifer Tilly as a starlet – she’s never really carried a hit film (Embrace of the Vampire anyone?) – however she is hot, and to be honest that’s what this list is about. To be even more blunt, Tilly is here due to her gigantic tits and unparalleled (among forty-something MILFs) talent at the poker table. There’s nothing hotter than a big-breasted bitch that can win you money – and Tilly actually owns a World Series of Poker bracelet. Maybe if we rub her magic lamps we might get lucky and see her in some free porn!

#8 Famke Janssen, 45

A former Bond-girl, Famke Janssen has flown under the radar on hot lists for years. Like a fine wine however, it’s impossible to ignore her on any over-40 countdown. After capturing the public’s imagination as Dr. Jean Grey in X-Men, she’s been capturing men’s hearts for years with her high cheekbones and banging body. She’s the best thing to come out of the Netherlands since sliced sex!

#7 Lori Loughlin, 45

Lori Loughlin cut her teeth as a model at the age of 12, so it might seem as if she’s older than 45 these days. 33 years later however, she’s a stone cold fox. Perhaps the greatest testament to her enduring beauty is the fact that she drew viewers to Full House, possibly the worst show in the history of television. Despite Full House being unbearably awful, there I was, a prepubescent teen glued to the screen to catch a glimpse of Loughlin’s foxy figure! Reoorw!

#6 Elizabeth Hurley, 45

Elizabeth Hurley is living proof that Hugh Grant is the biggest douchbag this side of the Atlantic. When Grant was busted for soliciting a hooker in 1995, most red-blooded men were left wondering what the hell he was thinking? In the intervening years, Hurley hasn’t lost an ounce of her sex-appeal despite having given birth, and married an Indian textile heir. In the words of Austin Powers, Hurley makes us “randy baby, very randy!”

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