Treat Yourself To A Peach Smoothie

In wake of the whole ‘vajazzling’ hoopla, here’s yet another trend in the vagina enhancement department – the ‘peach smoothie’. Also known as a ‘vagacial’, the peach smoothie is not that different from receiving a regular facial. Only instead of it being on your face, it’s on your vulva.

The process goes as follows: After a quick cleanse, estheticians proceed to exfoliate your nether regions using a triple-action organic scrub – removing dead skin cells and impurities. After a second cleanse, women are then searched for ‘eruptions’ – aka. acne (yes, some women actually have pimples down there). If any are found, the esthetician then destroys the bacteria by using a high-frequency wand – whatever that means. After removing any ingrown hairs via expertly used tweezers, a serum is applied in order to prevent them from forming again. It also helps to eliminate any sort of discoloration or hyperpigmentation, ensuring a clean and uniform pussy.

Add-on’s include a process titled Baby’s Bottom; where your ass gets pampered with cleansers, exfoliators and even acid peels – which help in eliminating acne (again), marks and pesky bumps. Now that’s full service!

Whether you find the ‘peach smoothie’ to be absolutely ridiculous or a total God-sent, it’s not something the average woman can afford – let alone do on a regular basis. The base price for the process starts at around $50. If you add the costs of a bikini wax, manicures and pedicures and the routine haircut, grooming can take a hefty toll on a woman’s budget.

Despite thinking that ‘vagacials’ are best suited for porn stars who have their vaginas on display 24/7 – they can also be somewhat of a treat for ladies looking to impress their partners with a fresh, exfoliated muff. The only ones who should opt out of the idea are women who don’t wax. With no bare skin in sight, there wouldn’t be much of a point, now would there? But then again, who walks around with a full bush in this day and age?

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