Sexual Foods: What You Eat May Influence Where You Spend The Night

Have you ever wondered why there are days that you can’t stop thinking about sex, and others where you don’t even check out your new secretary in her see through dress and black thong? As human beings our sexual health is complex, and our hormonal composition is governed by many factors. While there are many things that can influence libido, new studies show that food plays a large role in how much sex we’re having and how much sex we desire.

Several foods have been identified as sexual stimulants, and with that knowledge comes power. So what should you eat to make your sex life resemble an free porn flick? Read on to discover the top four foods that will give your sex life a new flavor.

#1 Seafood: This is perhaps the most obvious aphrodisiac. It’s been rumored for years that oysters increase sex drive, and it’s true: however, other shellfish are appropriate too including lobster and crab. Besides being delicious, shellfish are high in Omega-3 fatty acids that are known to increase circulation, as well as a bevy of natural testosterone enhancers.

#2 Avocados: These sexy fruits are shaped and sized just right. If they remind you of labia, you aren’t alone – they’ve drawn comparisons to women in many ways over the ages. Whether they remind you of a women you’d like to fuck or not, avocados are worth eating for their fiber, folate, glutathione and vitamins. Go indulge and keep your heart kicking!

#3 Rosemary: Also known as the horniest herb, rosemary is perfect for seasoning pasta sauce or a nice juicy pork chop. It doesn’t take much to make your meal rich in flavor, and your sex life even richer as it makes skin more sensitive to the touch. Remember to throw some in with whatever you’re cooking for your date.

#4 Chiles: A sure fire way to spice up your time in bed! Try a jalapeno or habanero to increase your heart rate, and get you prepared for your partner’s fingers – as these hot peppers enhance the body’s pleasure receptors and are bound to make you tremble!

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  1. Sammy Says:

    I’ll take two of everything, including that banana in her vagina.

  2. Fish Oil Says:

    Heading to the grocery store STAT!

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