Balancing the Open Scales

What do you do when life’s unfairness comes back to bite you in the ass?

A friend of mine is in a non-monogamous marriage, and has been for several years. He says he has a lot of fun. In the circumstances of his arrangement, he gets turned on by his wife having hot solo sex without him. They tape it sometimes and have some free porn for the two of them to enjoy later on.

Now that he wants to go out on his own, however, the wife objects. When he protests, she says she would rather give up the sex on the side, than give him permission to do the same.

This comes as little comfort to him, as he gets off on her being with other guys to begin with. He doesn’t want to screw things up with his marriage or his family, but he feels entitled to a little pussy on the side every now and then. He asked me what I thought he should do.

Here’s my advice. Even though I’m his friend, I have to side with his wife on this one. His wife going out on her own gives his cock a little woody, right? Well, the opposite is true of dear ole wifey. Meaning, she doesn’t get off on the idea of him with another woman, in fact it seems like a major no-boner for her. So while this is a bit unfair on her part, she did offer to balance the scales in a way that is agreeable and comfortable for her.

So the only thing you really can do in this scenario is either suck it up and get what you can out of her fun, or take her up on her offer to cut out the extra fun. It’s not fair, but it’s just. If his having less freedom to explore makes him jealous, insecure or upset, she has offered to stop. but that’s not he you wants, because it does something for him. So the bottom line is he can either accept her having the same freedom (meaning not much) that he has, or enjoy the extended openness that she has, which also happens to give him a boner.

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