Useless Sex Facts For The Bored

Forget about constructive, informative free sex tips. This week, I’ll present you with some of the most useless, bizarre, and downright unnecessary sex-related facts I could find. All for the purpose of entertainment. From a freak who had sex with asphalt to a girl who had a whopping 200 orgasms in one day – these will be sure to make you raise an eyebrow.

1. Out of all the odd things that have been removed from men’s rectums, these take the cake: a grenade, a frozen pig’s tail, a peanut butter jar, a pair of reading glasses and a tea cup. English breakfast anyone?

2. An English man by the name of Karl Warkins was caught red-handed having sex with pavement. As a result, he ended up in the slammer for eighteen months. Now, you’d think he learned his lesson, but only two years later he was put on probation for having sex with a garbage bag. Don’t even try to understand it.

3. Ever thought of the possibility of a man being able to stick his own penis into this ass? Well, it’s possible, and the official medical term is ‘autopederasty’. Still don’t believe me? Google that shit.

4. Here’s yet another reason to stay away from drugs; a New York based lunatic thought it would be a smart idea to inject cocaine into his penis. One amputated leg later and his dick actually fell off on it own while he had a bath. A wholesome story to get your kids off drugs for once and for all.

5. For those who thought Hooters was a brilliant business venture; here’s something to put it to shame. A Japanese coffee shop chain by the name of ‘No Pan Kissa’ features mirrored floors that allows customers to peek up the waitresses mini skirts. Who needs free porn when you can sip a latte while getting your fix?

6. Sarah Carmen, a British girl suffering from Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (or PSAS, for short) is capable of having over 200 orgasms in one day. According to her, the mere vibrations from a hairdryer are enough to get her off. Lucky girl.

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