Dr. Frankenstein Creates The Perfect Actress

If you were to discover the next big Hollywood starlet, you’d be wealthy overnight. But why discover when you can create? Here’s where our very own Dr. Frankenstein comes in handy. So sit back and relax while Dr. F. uses his considerable talents to build the perfect actress!

Megan Fox’s abs:

The Transformers star is a hot commodity these days, and is often named at the top of hottest celebrity polls. While we wouldn’t go that far, our ultimate starlet would certainly have Fox’s abdominal muscles – easily the best in Hollywood. In fact, we’d have sex with Meghan just to touch her stomach. Oh, who are we kidding, we’d have sex with her so we could die happy!

Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones

Angelina Jolie’s beauty is the least well kept secret in Hollywood. Angie’s the reason Megan Fox should be kept off the top of year end hottest lists – just look at her cheekbones if you don’t believe us. While we’re dissecting actresses, we’ll take Jolie’s lips too. No wonder she’s married to Brad Pitt – the best deserves the best in return.

Heather Graham’s tits

We’ve all seen them. Perhaps Graham’s tits have suffered from overexposure at points in her career, however there’s no denying perfection. We spent many a night dreaming of titty fucking her and asking the question “why are we not dating Heather Graham”. As of now, no clear answer has emerged – after all the girl looks like she should be in porn. We’ll get back to you when one does.

Meryl Streep’s talent

With all the sex appeal in our ultimate actress, we can afford a little bit of talent. Sure, J Lo’s ass would be nice, but generally girls who look like the one we’ve created can’t act their way out of a paper bag. So lets do this right: abs, cheekbones, tits and talent. Now that’s what we call a quadruple threat!

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