When to Take Something Off the Table

Everyone should be willing to satisfy their partners desires to a point, but they shouldn’t be expected to go to a point where that includes something that is both a physical trial and/or emotionally tormenting. When it comes to some realms of our sex lives, this can be kind of a hot button issue, especially when in an a monogamous relationship that assumes that both partners have agreed to fulfill each other’s entire sexual spectrum of desire.

However, it is rare that our likes and dislikes completely line up with one another. Note that there is a difference between not enjoying something and finding something repulsive or painful.
If you try something, and don’t like it, you’re not required to keep doing it. If you are pestering your wife or girlfriend for anal fucking, if she is pestering you for oral, and neither one of you can get through it without feeling uncomfortable, it’s time to take these things off the table, and explore alternate means of satisfying one another sexually.

You may want to consider opening up the relationship if either or both of you feel you are not physically able to attend to one another’s desires, or have them fulfilled. It is a large burden of responsibility to have one person take the reigns over another’s entire sexual fulfillment outside of masturbation and free porn. In fact, maintaining restrictive control on the arrangement of your relationship can either lead to infidelity or breaking up.

That said, if you are both still on board for monogamy, it is healthy to acknowledge the challenge either or both of you are struggling with. The jilted party will need time to grieve for all the ass or the oral they will no longer be on the receiving end of for the remainder of your time together. So be patient, and keep communication open as you work through it.

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