The Top 5 Unrealistic Sex Scenes in Film

Sex scenes in movies are always a little over the top. While we’d all like to believe that people can be that wild or passionate, reality sets an entirely different tone. Unlike in the movies, real sex does not consist of two nearly perfect creatures, moaning at all the right times and flowing seamlessly. Below, we highlight some of the most unrealistic sex-related cliches from the big screen.

1. Effortless Water Sex – If you’ve ever tried to get down and dirty in a swimming pool, you’ll know that it can seem like trying to jam a wet hand into a rubber glove. It just never seems to work out as planned. In the movies however, a lazy afternoon by the pool can easily turn into a wild sex session. I don’t buy it.

2. Post-Sex Perfection – We are all well-aware of what we look like after sex. After all that moving around, it’s only natural that one would get sweaty, have messy hair and rubbed off makeup. But that’s not quite what we see in movies. Instead, both characters are often fully-dressed, without a single hair out of place. So much for depicting reality.

3. Couture Bed Sheets – Unlike what directors seem to think, how many times have you wrapped yourself up in bed sheets for a quick post-sex bathroom trip? Let alone have it be perfectly draped onto your body like some sort of couture toga? That’s what I thought.

4. Ripping Clothes Off – In a fit of passion (with a dash of anger), movies often depict characters ripping off each others clothes – quite literally. In reality, that type of behavior simply would not fly. How would you like it if your parter ripped off your dress or suit like a paper bag? Not cool.

5. Concealed Masturbation – Why is it that in just about every teen comedy they insist on showing the protagonist masturbating under the sheets? Not only are you ensuring a nasty wet spot in your place of rest, but you’re also seriously limiting your motion range. Put all that free porn to better use by doing it out in the open – and by ‘open’ I don’t mean in public.

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