How to Get Her to Chase You

You have likely heard dozens of times how men crave the chase, while women love playing hard to get. Consider the likelihood that the reverse may often be true. The men who are just out of reach are often incredibly appealing to a woman. The reason for this is that when a women first meets a man, she fantasizes about whether he might fit her interpretation of an ideal man. The more you withdraw physical time with her, the stronger her biological urge to be closer to you will increase. This will work for you providing you are not attempting this within a long-term relationship that thrives on regular affection.

In the economic world, there is a thing called supply and demand (and nothing is free, except perhaps free porn). A new product’s value is quite high, especially if supply is low. By imposing a limit on the frequency in which she sees you, being in your company will feel like a valuable novelty, and you may find the amount she wants to get access to your cock increases significantly. An effective means of achieving this is to divide your social time into difference groups of people. This will enable you to go out as often as you like, with a variety of people. However, rather than being a regular fixture in the group, you will be a semi-regular treat to be shared. This only works, however, if you are good company when you are out. So make sure you are in a pleasant and charming mood, and make sure your confidence is up.

If you’ve got a particular quality that other men lack, you will be seen as even more of a commodity. This will also increase your demand significantly. The best way to do this might be mastering a particular interest or hobby. If you take up a second or third language, or become knowledgable about a subject that interests the objects of your affection, you will become more exciting and sexy to these women. Make sure you don’t invite your charming male friends to any events that women you’re interested in might be attending. You don’t want to create any more competition, you want to look like the only game in town!

This whole approach is fairly straightforward. Try using some of these tools to limit your supply and increase your value in the eyes of those you wish to attract and make yourself more in demand – it eventually lead to more sex and a happier you!

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