Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape: A Review

It’s hard to imagine a time when former playboy centerfold Kendra Wilkinson wasn’t one of the hottest women on the planet. With her long blonde hair, big fake tits and glowing smile, Kendra embodies Hugh Hefner’s vision of the American dream. Her new sex tape however, shot when she was 18, shows a different side of the blonde sex-pot, revealing an insecure, low-rent teenager uncertain of her sexual powers. So is the tape itself worth your hard earned money? Read on to find out…

Let me preface this review by saying that I was a big fan of The Girls Next Door, and have always enjoyed Playboy as a brand. For her part, Kendra was one of the highlights of the show, injecting sex appeal and attitude as one of Hef’s three girlfriends. While there’s been a considerable amount of speculation regarding Kenda’s complicity in the release of her sex tape (distributed by Vivid Entertainment), such speculation really amounts to little in light of the content featured on the tape itself.

For example, consider the 22-year-old man (and I use the term man lightly here) that Kendra fucks on film. At first glance, our male protagonist is a cross between Beaver Cleaver and Quazi-Moto, and things don’t get better from there. With a naked Kendra Wilkinson in front of him, this guy can barely keep his cock hard, and that’s for the majority of the video. Granted, this isn’t the Kendra that we’re used to seeing: her long blonde hair is knotted, she’s too skinny, and most of all she’s reluctant which makes for an uncomfortable viewing experience. Actually, it’s hard to see why either Kendra or the dude she’s fucking would want this tape to see the light of day.

This leads me to the viewer, and if this tape is worth seeking out as more than a novelty item. Even if you overlook the Kendra’s choice of man (or Warlock as the case may be) here, and Kendra’s own pubescent state, this Wilkinson sex tape lacks passion or the kind of overt sexualization that’s so vital to porn. If this were a free porn video posted on an internet site like, it wouldn’t even warrant discussion, so I have to give Kendra’s sex tape two thumbs down. Viewers would be better served to jerk off to Kendra’s playboy pictures.

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31 Responses to “Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape: A Review”

  1. Cornelius Carse Says:

    I think hef’s already been dead for a while and some guys just wearing his skin suit!

  2. Delmar Borman Says:

    I’m gonna wear a Hef suit and take his place…mahhahahah

  3. Tomasa Chauvette Says:

    Me too Lonnie, ME fucking too.

  4. Lonnie Furman Says:

    I like me some blonde bimbos!

  5. Manual Triolo Says:

    I’d fuck her!

  6. Luke Copp Says:

    I can’t believe she’s had sex with Hefner…gross!

  7. Hoyt Ishak Says:

    Hell if I could live in that mansion, I’d have sex with that bag of bones too!

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    Lovely lady, why be insecure?

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