Warning Signs: When Friends With Benefits Becomes A Full Blown Relationship

There’s nothing better than a free fuck. Why go through the hassle of flowers, dinner and drama when you can have everything that’s great about a relationship (hot sex with a hot girl) without the stress? If you couldn’t tell – that was a rhetorical question. More and more people are coming up with the right answer too, as statistics show that fuck-buddy relationships are on the rise, giving people more time to focus on themselves and find what they’re looking for in life.

Of course, sex is one of those things, and even friend with benefit relationships have their complications. For example, this morning a friend told me that he had gone out to see The Other Guys with his fuck-buddy, before coming home and steaming up his bedroom with a great fuck. He also added that he’d taken pictures of the act in question. The last point is key: but we’ll get to it in a second.

All the movie talk in the above scenario had me thinking relationship. Sure, they didn’t watch Eat, Pray, Love, but The Other Guys is a buddy comedy – a typical date movie, and the kind of flick I would go to see with a girlfriend. There’s a fine line between keeping things sexual, and bridging towards a relationship. You know how it works – you fuck, but you start hanging out more, you talk, and soon you’re even snuggling.

It’s the aforementioned pictures that puts this scenario over the top however. Sure, my friend could be fucking a drug addled whore, but in all likelyhood she’s a lot like him – middle class, well educated and horny. The problem with racy photos is one of trust – she trusts him not to distribute the offending material to friends and coworkers (never mind the Internet), and trust is the cornerstone of a real relationship. When I asked to see the pictures, my friend declined, lending further proof that he in fact IS in a genuine relationship with his fuck-buddy.

The warning signs are easy to miss if you aren’t looking, so take this tale as a warning, and don’t let your fuck-buddy become your significant other. They began as a friend with benefits for a reason – remember that – fuck-buddy transitions just aren’t cool – watch some free porn instead.

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