Claws Out: Our Top 5 Celebrity Cougars

Cougar culture is on the rise, and with the popularity of plastic surgery these days, good looking older women are becoming more and more common. As it often does, Hollywood has taken this trend and started to run with it, so let’s take a look at the 5 hottest celebrity cougars today! Roar!

#5 Mariah Carey

her man: Nick Cannon, age difference: 12 years

Once a butterfly, and now a full fledged cougar, Mariah has the breast implants of an angel and the ass of a rock hard MILF. Too bad Nick Cannon got to her before any of us did!

#4 Kim Cattral

her man: Alan Wyse, age difference: 23 years

Is it a coincidence that Cattral has the word “cat” in her name? We think not – Kim was always destined to be a cougar, and has gotten progressively hotter as she’s become older. Sex in the City wouldn’t have been half as sexy if she hadn’t been steaming up our screen.

#3 Ivana Trump

her man: Rossano Rubicondi, age difference 23 years

Once a Trump, forever a player. Ivana clearly learned from her relationship with Donald as she married, and then divorced a much younger man in Rossano Rubicondi. Hope he pulled in some of Donald’s fortune to make it worth his while!

#2 Joan Collins

her man: Percy Gibson, age difference 32 years

Joan Collins is the classic cougar. Much like a classic car she’s beginning to show her age, however she pulled the biggest age difference on our list, and you have to give her props for that!

#1 Demi Moore

her man: Aston Kitcher, age difference 15 years

Demi Moore is our ultimate cougar, and it’s not hard to see why. Plastic surgery has amped her career, and upped her market value in love – hence the hot young stud on her arm. Demi is fuckable, fine and fit – a trifecta of sexiness. We just wish she’s done real porn instead of Striptease. Viva Demi, queen of the cougars!

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