How To Break Up with Someone You Live With

Ending a relationship with someone you live with is a greater challenge than breaking up with someone you’re dating in a standard relationship. It is important to be as considerate as possible of the feelings of your roommate/girlfriend. Be firm, be kind, and be honest.

This takes courage. Often the hardest part is deciding that it is time to end it. You may have at one time thought that this was going to be the love of your life and you would end up together. Letting go of that dream is hard. To figure out if this is what you want, first spend some time alone and decide if you have simply hit a rough patch and you can work things out, or if it is truly time to call it quits. Make sure you are absolutely certain before you end up causing undue harm to someone you love, or once loved.

Start by making a list of what your needs are in a relationship and analyze whether you are better off with or without this person in your life. Consider the last time you really relaxed and laughed with this person. Fighting is normal, but are you arguing more than you are laughing? Or perhaps there isn’t any communication at all at home.

Talk to your girlfriend and tell her you need to talk to her. She will know something is up right away. Find a time and place that allows for privacy out of respect for each other. Do not do this in a restaurant or bar. You may want to be somewhere other than home, suggest going for a walk to a park or a nearby beach. A place that is relaxing, but not within earshot of other people is a good idea. Odds are there will be at least an accusation or raised voice at some point.

You might want to start by asking her how they feel about your relationship. Let her say her piece before you talk about your feelings. It is important to remember that you need to be both as honest as possible, without being cruel. Once you have made your decision and you are sure about it, don’t let her talk you into admitting things that aren’t true, or succumb to anything you don’t want.

If she starts getting verbally abusive, end the conversation. Do not allow her to yell at you or attack you. It is best to walk away and let her calm down. Tell her you can discuss it when she is ready to talk about it rationally. If she gets upset and starts to cry, be comforting. Don’t take this moment to discuss the logistics of moving out, save that for later on.

Once the dust has settled from your initial conversation (and you may want to give it a couple of days) set a timeline for moving out, whether it is you or her that is to leave. It will be easier for both of you if you are the one who is leaving. You can let her know you are leaving in a week, or a couple of days, but be clear on when you intend to do this.

If you need to ask her to leave, it may be more difficult. If it is difficult for her to leave financially, give her some extra time, or if you’d like you can offer to help pay to cover moving costs. Hold your ground, don’t give in to requests or pleas to work it out, unless you are prepared to do that for yourself. Don’t let her entice you with free porn or sex, as she may play to your known weaknesses to win you back. with There are some situations where you realize the two of your can actually work things out, and be honest if you are. But don’t give in just because it is easier and it’s what she wants.

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    Ugh been through this a few times…the worst!

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