Give her the Perfect Massage

So you’d like to give your woman a relaxing massage. Get some tea lights, towels and massage oil out; have her take a nice warm bath or shower and get ready because you’re going to ease her sore muscles into ecstasy. Here are some tips on what to focus on as you cover each area.
Firstly, make sure you start with gentle stokes. Vary your routine between long, deep stokes, and the tips of your fingers. Check in with her to see if you’d then like her to use more pressure or to ease up. Always keep at least one hand on her, even as you go for more oil. The whole massage should feel continuous.

Start with one of her feet, this is a great place to begin. An excellent foot massage with relax her right away as the feet are connected to various points all over our body and carry the most weight of any part of our bodies. Be firm, but gentle, as you start on her sole. Just a couple of minutes down there will make a signifiant impact on her relaxation level.

After you are satisfied with your foot-work, move up to the legs with long, drawn out motions. Use your whole palm with your fingers held together. As you stroke up the length of her leg, stroke right over her ass. If you’re feeling saucy, you could also slip your fingers down to her pussy, but only gently stroke her for a moment before moving back up to the leg as you move back down to her calves and back up over her bottom to her back.

Keep the same kind of rhythm and stroke along her back and across her shoulders. Work out some knots for her, but don’t dig into them unless she asks you to.

Now ask her to turn over onto her back. Stroke across her stomach with the same, long, gentle strokes. being careful not to upset her stomach. Move up to her tits and stoked across them in an extended figure eight pattern.

Once she is relaxed on her back, switch from massage oil to lube and slip your hand between her legs and down between her vaginal lips. Stoke along the outer edges of her lips, and place your thumb and index finger on either side as you use your other hand to stroke her stomach and lightly caress her thighs. Now you can start to stoke her inner lips the same way you did with the external ones. Begin massaging around her lit softly and place your thumb at the base of her pussy. Slip your index and middle fingers inside her vagina and find the spongy g-spot just behind her pubic bone. Free porn could give you instruction here. She might feel uncomfortable at first, so don’t apply a lot of pressure, and gentle massage the area. She may say she feels like urinating and she may not know what to make of this, but assure her she’ll be fine, and gently massage the area until she climaxes.

Once she has finished, stroke her hair, lift her from the massage table if you’re using one, and take her to bed. if you are massaging her in bed, crawl next to her and cradle her as she coos herself to sleep. Now you’re the man.

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