Women and Cuckolding

Have you ever noticed the number of cuckolding fetishists who seem to be male? The whole genre of gang bang appears to be near the top of free porn available today. Research has shown that the sight of other guys coming and fucking other people turns men on. The primitive ape called the Bonobo will often engage in a number of interesting mating rituals relating to human sexuality. He will wait his turn while his female partner gets fucked, and then get rowdy before engaging happily in sloppy-seconds. So how does the male convince the female to participate?

An interesting point to note is that women in fact get horny from a wide variety of source material. The main point where this differs is that men seem to be more aware of what specifically is turning them on.

The fact is that blood flow to a woman’s sex organs typically conflicts with whatever is making them aroused, so they initially may not be aware of what it is that excites them. Women are trained to regard sexual liberation as being slutty and it is socially stigmatic, so many women are reticent to explore their sexuality, especially in their younger years; or at least be vocal about it.

There is another side to this though. Often, as it turns out, women will be more interested in group sex than men may expect. On the other hand, males tend to be highly uncomfortable with the notion of getting their cock out around other males. Women are often much more relaxed about being naked around another female.

Studies have shown that women require some convincing to get into sex with multiple partners, but once the ball gets rolling, the women are the ones who frequently want to continue with the activity on an ongoing basis.

Female sexuality has a great deal to do with building a social connection. Many females discover that what they actually enjoy most in these hookups is the friendships they develop with the with the people they fuck. In the human species, it’s no surprise that sexual satisfaction can bond a woman to even multiple partners. If she is already involved with a primary partner, then she can often become friends with her secondary partners.

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