How to Buy Lingerie for Your Lady

Looking to get some free porn in the comfort of your own home?

Splurging on some revealing underwear for your woman is a good place to start.

However, this can be a very daunting task. If you make the fatal error of buying her something not suited to her particular body type, you may end up hurting yourself more than helping your cause. If you manage to find her something that makes her feel sexy and comfortable however, you are on a fast track to pussy paradise.

First things first:

1) Get the Right Size

This is your golden rule. If you get something too small, it will be to tight and not flattering on her. The best case scenario is that she might feel flattered that you thought she was smaller than she is. But remember, this will also remind her that she can’t fit into something, and she may end up thinking you’re trying to give her a hint to lose some weight.

On the other hand, if you get something that is too big, then it will seem like you think she is bigger than she really is. More bad news.

Your best remedy for this is to rifle through her existing underwear and see what the labels say. Find the actual size of her underwear and bra size (outside of small, medium or large…you’re looking for letters and numbers here).

2) Find the Right Style

A woman’s style is important. So make sure you get this right if you ever want your gift to grace your lady’s pussy.

Even though she will appreciate the thought, your aim is to get something that will end up benefitting you both visually and kinetically, not the back of her underwear drawer’s stock.

If she is into frilly girly fare with patterns and pinks and florals, getting her a fierce black corset in leather might not be your best bed. If she is into red hot satin and sexy black lace, then those frilly pink pairs of flowery panties will likely make her skin crawl.

Find her something she will delight in parading around for you and you will find you have invested well. Choose carefully and make sure you pick something appropriate.

3) Appeal to her Assets

You may have thought you dodged this one with the sizing issue. However, if you’re not careful to find something that flatters her body type, you’ll be flunking out of sexy fun time. You definitely do not want something that will be baggy and saggy, or squished and tight.

If she is slender and petite; a garter belt is a good option, because the stockings will give her some good height. It will also draw the eye to her curves, so it can help fill her out.
If she is busty and curvy, a corset is a great option because it will support her cleavage and put them on display nicely. it will also help smooth out her abdominal area and give her a lovely hourglass shape.

If she is a big, round girl, a sweet babydoll teddy will cascade and smooth right over most areas she might want to cover up but will help her show off her succulent ass and her tits. Dark colours are quite slimming as well, she if she is self-conscious, keep this in mind.

If she is athletic, a sexy pair of hot pants should be great to show of her toned bottom.

A final parting tip: No matter what her body type, if she is self-conscious, a silk robe does wonders to help her feel comfortable. If she ditches the underwear, you can be almost certain she’ll at least hang onto this.

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