Sex Tips For Average Men: Get Your Game On Track

Put yourself at a house party, throwing back a few bottles of imported ale and checking out the ladies. Most men in this scenario are looking to score – but how can you increase your chances of success, since most of the eligible bachelors attending the party will be going home alone? The key to getting laid in this scenario is one of selection – finding the right girl and saying the right things until her lips are wrapped around your cock like a hoover vacuum sucking until you cum all over her face.

A common mistake in selecting a potential one night stand is aiming to fuck the hottest girl at the party. The truth is that everyone will be trying to score with her, and of all of you only one will end up in her pants (unless she’s a total whore, in which case your odds are better, but not much). While the hot one may be the one you want, after a few beers you’ll learn to ignore the less appealing features in some of your other prospects, so make sure you work in some laughs with some of the mid-range girls while you’re still sober.

It’s important to plant the seeds of a one night stand early in an evening. If you lavish a girl who isn’t getting any attention with some effort – effort alone will often charm her enough to get you laid. There are some decent looking girls out there who are lonely because they’re getting cock blocked by their hotter friends. This is something the average man should take advantage of while he has the chance.

As a consolation, the hottest girl in a room often isn’t the best lay either. It’s tough to be on top of your game when you’re always told you’re number 1 – a good analogy would be professional athletes who are pampered. So find yourself a little firecracker who will fuck the shit out of you because she doesn’t get laid often enough. If you aim a little lower you’ll go home with a smile on your face, and who knows, maybe next time you’ll have sex with the party’s superstar?

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