Nice Guys Finish Last

Have you ever wondered why most of the hot women you see are dating douchebags instead of you? The phrase “nice guys finish last” has become a cliche, but it contains an element of truth when applied to dating in 2010. Too many men are going the sensitive route these days and losing their touch. So if you want to fuck like a rock star in internet porn, read on as we list some essential rules to follow when dating a hotty.

#1 Trying to woo a woman with gifts

Sure, the flowers and dinners show her you’re a nice guy, but where’s the challenge? Women, like men, enjoy a little chase, and if you throw yourself at them with gifts they’ll know you’re a sure thing. This is the best way to lose your girl to a slimy truck-driving turd – he’ll treat her like shit and get her to make sex tapes, something you never even thought of asking for, all behind your back.

#2 Taking a back seat in power politics

It’s never a good idea to allow one person to control a relationship. It’s a common misconception that to keep dating a woman you have to relinquish your power and allow them to decide how things will be run. We’re here to tell you that you have a much better chance of getting what you want if you ask for it. Anal sex? Threesomes? Cumming on her face? Stand up for yourself and bust a nut, who knows, maybe she’ll enjoy it!

#3 Asking for permission

Men and women alike are attracted to confidence. Don’t let yourself become emasculated in your relationship and ask for permission to go to the store or out for a night with the guys – just do it! You’re your own man, and that’s the guy your girl wants – the guy she fell in love with, not a wimpy version of Richard Simmons.

If you follow these 3 easy steps, you’ll have no trouble getting a date, having a fuckfest worthy of internet porn or keeping your girl when said fuckfest is finished. All you have to do is be a little bit more of a jerk and ask for what you want – as they say, ask and ye shall receive! Amen.

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