A Man’s Guide To Faking It

Don’t be too quick in assuming that women are the only ones capable of faking an orgasm. A recent survey showed that 23% of men have been guilty of faking ‘it’ every once in awhile. Now, the real question is – why on earth would a man feel the need to fake an orgasm?

Faking it – whether you’re a man or a woman – is always due to the same reason; not hurting your partners feelings. Whether you’ve just had way too much sex (you poor thing), or your partner is incapable of satisfying you, sometimes you just ‘gotta do what you gotta do’.

Here’s how:

1. Wear A Condom – Wearing a condom will ensure that your little white lie goes by undetected. Upon “reaching an orgasm”, quickly pull out and make your way to the bathroom for a “quick cleanup”. Be sure to wrap it up with tons of toilet paper and toss it in the bin as soon as possible. Either way, I highly doubt your partner will be rummaging through all that rubbish just to prove you wrong.

2. Don’t Be A Bad Actor – Don’t think that just because you’re faking it, that it gives you the excuse to overreact. Any exaggerated screams and moans will make your partner wonder just what the heck is going on with you.

3. Avoid Face-To-Face – Having sex face-to-face is the worst way to fake an orgasm. Chances are, she’s already way too familiar with your facial expressions and will realize something’s up. Doggy-style is always a good option.

4. Follow Your Post-Sex Routine – If you tend to cuddle after sex, do just that. Any sudden changes in behavior may be enough to set off alarms in your partners head. Alternatively, if you tend to simply roll over and fall asleep, don’t start cuddling just because you faked it. She might start to expect it everytime.

After all is said and done, know that faking an orgasm is fine as long as it doesn’t happen often. If that’s the case, consider skipping out on sex altogether. What’s the point of putting on a show if you know there will be no grand finale? It’s like watching free porn just for the hell of it.

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  1. Jack Says:

    I think you only want this information for white men-what about nonwhite men with white women?

  2. mandybear Says:

    understand six

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