Out With Ink: Tattoo Regrets

A tattoo can be a wonderful addition to your look, adding an individual flare to your body. However, with trendy tattoos as popular as ever, more and more tattooed teens are coming to regret their choice of ink. Barbed wire armbands, band tattoos, tramp stamps – the list of cliche tattoos have grown exponentially as the tattoo craze has exploded. So, to save you the trouble of laser removal surgery down the road we’ve compiled a list of rules to follow when getting a tattoo.

Don’t get your partner’s name tattooed on you. This should be obvious, but in case it isn’t, don’t curse yourself by making your relationship a permanent part of your body when it’s bound to be a temporary part of your life. This is true even if you fuck like porn stars – tattoos are more temporary than even Internet porn videos (although not much).

Do pick unique designs that are personal to you. It’s often a mistake to pick tattoos that don’t have any meaning to you – you’ll grow tired of ink without significance, and linking your tattoo to a memory will connect you to something that has positive connotations.

Don’t get a trendy celebrity inspired tattoo. For example, Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire armband was the most requested tattoo of the 90’s and nearly every $2 tramp walking the street in North America has one. Don’t let yourself be dated based on design.

Do pick an appropriate place for your tattoo. Certain locations to be tattooed are just as cliche as a bad design – take tramp stamps if you don’t believe us. A tramp stamp refers to a lower back tattoo, and it’s difficult to argue against the fact that most tramps have one. Unless you’re a porn star or live in a delux motor home (read: trailer) avoid cliche tattoo positioning. That is unless you aspire to suicide – 80% of people who get facial tattoos commit suicide within 5 years of being tattooed.

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    Never Regret it’s a worthless emotion.

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