Relationship Fuck Ups Courtesy Of Facebook

While Facebook has amped up our social interactions, it has also taken a huge toll on our relationships. Chances are, we’ve all cursed it out at some point or another. Whether your girlfriend got upset over that slut who ‘Liked’ your picture, or drove you up the wall over your relationship status, Facebook seems like more of a curse than a blessing. Here are some of the most common dating blunders, courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg.

1. Old Photos – By simply adding someone to your Facebook, you’re already providing them with way too much information. Despite your constant efforts to look cool, with only a few clicks of a mouse, ‘friends’ have the capacity to browse through years’ worth of photos. This includes that time you passed out drunk, pictures with your ex and evidence that you were a Star Wars geek in high school. With that said, making good decisions when tagging (or untagging) photos is a good idea. It might just spare you some unnecessary embarrassment.

2. Your Relationship Status – Long gone are the days where the only relationship announcement you had to make was your wedding day. Nowadays, failing to tell everyone and their grandmothers that you are “in a relationship” could make you wind up in the dog house. Even worse, announcing that you are “no longer in a relationship” with X, Y or Z is enough to turn your wall into a paparazzi-worthy frenzy. Spare yourself the headache and simply remove that feature altogether. If your significant-other complains, claim to be a “private person” and leave it at that. Relationship statuses = bad news.

3. Lack Of Online Presence – When you first start seeing someone, chances are they are just dying in anticipation for you to post something on their wall or ‘Like’ one of their pictures. When a relationship status change is still out of bounds, it’s the only way of letting their friends know just how into her you really are. If the thought of having a Facebook presence scares you, tell her that you’d much rather do it in person. After all, it’s so much more intimate.

4. Ex Wars – Avoid it all you want, but ex girlfriends and boyfriends are bound to make a presence on your significant-others Facebook. When that happens, it’s hard not to go crazy with jealousy (or be driven crazy by your jealous girlfriend). The best way to go about it is by simply removing any former lovers from your friends list. Sure, they might get upset and think you’re being a coward, but at least you won’t have to deal with any nonsense.

At the end of the day, free porn still stands as my number one web activity – and can you blame me?

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